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The Dispensary of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing reliable access to vital medication
(generously donated by pharmaceutical manufacturers) in service of the poor.
We are all joined by a commitment to serve. We believe in serving one another and extending that into communities around the nation in-order-to bring hope. We are active participants in the transformation of lives through philanthropic donation and distribution of medicine. Our identity is rooted in service of the poor. We seek team members that will share an unwavering belief that we can help provide hope for those in need by connecting abundance with need. 

Account Executive
We are adding an Account Executive to our Network Expansion team (responsible for expansion of access to medicine across the nation). The main purpose of this role is to identify and qualify suitable locations to dispense medication to patients in need.

Key Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Two (2) years of outside B2B sales, marketing or related experience
  • Great communicator and relationship builder


None at this time.


None at this time.