Cheers Were Heard Throughout the Clinic!
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Cheers Were Heard Throughout the Clinic!

In March, when Community Volunteers in Medicine announced the increase from 200% to 300% FPL (Federal Poverty Level) to their providers and volunteers, cheers were heard throughout the clinic. This increase means that more patients would now have access to medication at no cost to them. 

Community Volunteer in Medicine staff Pharmacists, Suncire Moniz, Margaret Muller, and Susan Shughrue. (left to right)


Margaret Muller, Patient Assistance Coordinator, states that “With this increase, it has allowed our patients to save money and more importantly, get the medications they really need. Accessing medications through Dispensary of Hope and Community Volunteers in Medicine means patients do not have to make difficult financial choices.”

Since the expansion, Community Volunteers in Medicine has seen an increase of approximately 23% more patients being served with Dispensary of Hope medications. Staff and volunteers are overjoyed by the new change. Many sites within the Dispensary of Hope network now have even more flexibility to serve their communities.  

Providing medication for patients while they are in the clinic is a significant benefit. Due to financial concerns, many patients that are referred to a local pharmacy are less likely to fill that prescription. 

“Providing free medications completes the circle of care for our low-income, uninsured patients. Without donated medications, CVIM could not achieve our mission to provide high quality, comprehensive care. Having the ability to have our patients leave the clinic with all medications in hand is priceless,” says Susan Shughrue,VP of Medication Management Services.

One Community Volunteers in Medicine patient (Jim, pictured above) stated, “There was a while when I was pretty scared [about my heart condition]. Just being able to have the medicine and know that it is helping me out as well, that is a huge stress reliever for me. It is life changing for me and it can be life saving for some other people. Between CVIM and the Dispensary of Hope, it is amazing the work that they do.”  Click to hear from Jim and other patients.

 Community Volunteers in Medicine is located in West Chester, PA and has been serving patients in partnership with Dispensary of Hope since 2015.