Dispensary of Hope announces the appointment of Bob Pollock to National Advisory Council
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Dispensary of Hope announces the appointment of Bob Pollock to National Advisory Council

Dispensary of Hope continues to expand access to medicine for people in need across the country. The many years of growth and commitment to serve are empowered by individual servants and organizations. Bob Pollock is one of those individuals. Bob and his wife have a longstanding commitment to the community and are now formally extending that to Dispensary of Hope. 

Bob’s esteemed career has earned respect among government and industry leaders. Today, Bob is retired from Federal service yet still serving as a Senior Advisor with Lachman Consultants. A respected industry statesperson in the US government and across the generic medication industry, we are honored to have him join Dispensary of Hope’s National Advisory Council.

Christopher Palombo, Dispensary of Hope CEO, “I am pleased to welcome Bob Pollock to Dispensary of Hope’s National Advisory Council. Bob was instrumental in shaping the generic drug industry as it began to accelerate–with an emphasis on safety and quality. His many years of dedication are an asset to Dispensary of Hope–providing education, insight, ideas and encouragement. Formalizing his service with this appointment will further catalyze his commitment to Dispensary of Hope and deliver opportunities for expansion of our calling–to provide access to medication for all of America’s most vulnerable.”

Dispensary of Hope’s National Advisory Council is represented by individuals from medication manufacturing, healthcare delivery, medication distribution, and business and faith communities, from across the nation. It is the Council’s responsibility to provide guidance on the direction of the Dispensary of Hope, to accelerate awareness of the mission, and to advance the collaborative ethos of the Council.

Robert “Bob” Pollock, M.S., Senior Advisor, Outside Director to the Board at Lachman Consultants, “I’ve long admired and appreciated the work of Dispensary of Hope. The opportunities that I’ve had to advise and encourage them are cherished. I am honored to serve on the National Advisory Council. The work that Dispensary of Hope does really moves my heart and that’s why I’ve continued to help them serve. It’s truly making a difference in the lives of people who are suffering and I’m proud to be part of this work.”

Robert “Bob” Pollock, M.S., Senior Advisor, Outside Director to the Board at Lachman Consultants. He joined Lachman Consultants following a distinguished career with the FDA and the Public Health Service. His FDA experience, culminating as the Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Generic Drugs, enables him to provide expert advice and assistance on all aspects of FDA and Regulatory filings. Mr. Pollock is well-versed in the intricacies of International Harmonization Issues, regulatory strategies, standards and filing issues, resolution of FDA regulatory matters, as well as in the resolution of patent / exclusivity issues. https://www.lachmanconsultants.com/team/robert-pollock-m-s/

Nashville-based Dispensary of Hope has been actively operating and building a national model of medication access for the most vulnerable for over a decade. This innovative model unifies pharmaceutical manufacturing and safety net healthcare delivery with a common goal of saving and transforming lives. The model is unique in its ability to converge different areas of the healthcare industry to provide access to medication at no cost to the patient, while maintaining the highest quality standards in the medication distribution industry. The collaboration delivers pragmatic results including: improved health outcomes for patients, reduced cost and environmental impact from medication destruction and positive shifts in healthcare cost burden from acute care treatment to health condition management. www.dispensaryofhope.org

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