Dispensary of Hope announces the appointment of Dan Leonard to National Advisory Council
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Dispensary of Hope announces the appointment of Dan Leonard to National Advisory Council

Dispensary of Hope’s long standing relationship with the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) is integral to the mission of expanding access to lifesaving medicine for the low income, uninsured. Adding Dan Leonard to the National Advisory Council is a significant step toward serving more of the most vulnerable in the nation, improving health outcomes and reducing the overall healthcare cost burden.

Christopher Palombo, Dispensary of Hope CEO, “I am pleased to welcome Dan Leonard to Dispensary of Hope’s National Advisory Council. The generic medication manufacturing industry, represented by AAM, has been infinitely generous to the low income, uninsured in the US, assuring the availability of billions of doses of generic medication at no cost to Dispensary of Hope. Dan is a remarkable leader serving a remarkable AAM team, bringing the experience, network and authority that will deepen our relationship with AAM–and someday achieve the goal of 100% donor participation among generic medication manufacturing.”

Dispensary of Hope’s National Advisory Council is represented by individuals from medication manufacturing, healthcare delivery, medication distribution, and business and faith communities, from across the nation. It is the Council’s responsibility to provide guidance on the direction of the Dispensary of Hope, to accelerate awareness of the mission, and to advance the collaborative ethos of the Council. 

Dan Leonard is President and Chief Executive Officer of AAM, the nation’s trade association for the makers of generic and biosimilar medicines, which fill 9 out of 10 prescriptions in the United States. Prior to joining AAM, Dan served as president and chief executive officer of the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC), which sponsors and conducts research on a number of critical health policy issues. NPC plays a leadership role in the evolving areas of value assessment, value-based contracting and the importance of maintaining a robust innovation ecosystem. Before his tenure at NPC, Dan served as executive vice president of advocacy for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the trade association representing companies providing health insurance coverage in the United States. Dan has significant experience in politics and government, including time spent with presidential campaigns, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and as a chief of staff on Capitol Hill. Early in his career, Dan worked as a television broadcast journalist and held on-air and management positions at affiliates across the nation.

Dan Leonard, President and CEO of AAM, “As a long time supporter and advocate for Dispensary of Hope, I am honored to receive the nomination and accept this appointment to the National Advisory Council. AAM’s mission is to improve the lives of patients and consumers by providing timely access to safe, effective and affordable medicines. Dispensary of Hope aligns with that mission by delivering a pragmatic and sustainable program to serve the nation’s most vulnerable. I’m excited to serve alongside the other esteemed advisory council members to further the mission of affordable medication access.”

Nashville-based Dispensary of Hope has been actively operating and building a national model of medication access for the most vulnerable for over a decade. This innovative model unifies pharmaceutical manufacturing and safety net healthcare delivery with a common goal of saving and transforming lives. The model is unique in its ability to converge different areas of the healthcare industry to provide access to medication at no cost to the patient, while maintaining the highest quality standards in the medication distribution industry. The collaboration delivers pragmatic results including: improved health outcomes for patients, reduced cost and environmental impact from medication destruction and positive shifts in healthcare cost burden from acute care treatment to health condition management. www.dispensaryofhope.org

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