Dispensary of Hope Fiscal Year 2020 Report to the Community
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Dispensary of Hope Fiscal Year 2020 Report to the Community

Fiscal Year 2020 (July 2019-June 2020) has been a year of uncertainty, and the vast needs of low-income, uninsured Americans are expanding as the pandemic remains prevalent. The Dispensary of Hope team has not been untouched by the current events, and yet we proudly share that our work has remained consistent and our mission, strong. 

We understand that we deliver more than just medicine. We deliver hope and improved quality of life to people who are suffering - and many are suffering right now. It is this perspective that drives our work and keeps the passion for our mission alive. 

This year has pushed us to creatively adapt and thoughtfully respond to the growing needs of our fellow Americans. Millions have lost their jobs and healthcare benefits due to COVID-19 layoffs, and patients are now arriving in emergency rooms with exacerbated chronic conditions due to delayed care or lack of access. Healthcare providers across the nation are caring for these very ill patients while also navigating the challenges and financial strains brought on by the pandemic. We are committed to providing the sustainable solution these patients and providers need.  

In just the past fiscal year, we have grown from 27 manufacturer donors donating 71 million doses of medication to 40 manufacturer donors donating 97 million doses of medication. Because of our leaderships’ foresight, we began preparing for an impending international supply chain disruption in December 2019 by ordering medication at a higher volume. As a result, donations and inventory reached an all-time high in March 2020, and patients have consistently been able to receive the medications they need without delay. 

Additionally, our national network of partners now includes 216 dispensing sites across 34 states, including D.C. In 2021, we will continue to expand this dispensing partner network with thoughtful focus on serving America’s most vulnerable communities.

Internally, we established four new departments to better support our important work: Technology, Analytics, Philanthropy, and Marketing. The addition of these departments has allowed us to develop a new, innovative warehouse management system for greater operational efficiency; identify and secure new funding sources for further advancement of our mission; and amplify our voice and brand recognition among a wider national audience. 

Our dispensing site partners play a critical role in the realization of our continued success and growth. They are the boots on the ground, daily bringing our mission of expanding medication access to life. Together, we are caring for the vulnerable across the nation and ensuring that all receive access to the care they need. Looking ahead to 2021, we only expect to see continued growth and increase of our missional impact.

For a full account of our Fiscal Year 2020 accomplishments, please read our Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report!

Posted by Mary Olson at 16:30