Dispensary of Hope Launches National Patient Awareness and Outreach Campaign
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Dispensary of Hope Launches National Patient Awareness and Outreach Campaign



Celebrating Partnerships Across America to Provide Free Prescriptions to Those in Need

Nashville, TN – January 7 – Dispensary of Hope is launching a national campaign to honor its partners – dispensing sites, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and funders – across America and to increase patient recruitment, Christopher Palombo, Chief Executive Officer of Dispensary of Hope announced today.

“Nationwide, between 28-30 million Americans are uninsured,” said Palombo. “Delivery of healthcare to them is a huge challenge which we and our partners are trying to overcome by extending the reach of charity care dollars,” he continued.

The Dispensary of Hope, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in Nashville, TN, obtains prescription medication from donor pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States and distributes them to its network of over 200 sites nationwide. Their staff and operations guarantee the safety and proper medical protocols of all medication, from manufacturer to the dispensing site – as evidenced by industry certifications and memberships (Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor, MedSurplus Alliance, Association for Accessible Medicines, Healthcare Distribution Alliance and Drug Supply Chain Security Act compliant).

Nearly 14 million Americans, roughly half of those uninsured, are at or below 200% federal poverty level for household income, which creates significant barriers to care and medication access, and disproportionately higher chronic disease risks. People without access to medication suffer more and find themselves in the Emergency Room more, but when they do have access to medicine the cost burden to the healthcare system goes down and lives are saved and transformed.

Palombo concluded, “A $4 bottle of anticoagulant, if distributed free to a patient at risk, can avoid an emergency room visit costing thousands of dollars for a heart attack. By having more prescription medication for distribution, by expanding the number of patients our sites serve, and by increasing the locations where they can be reached, we will save lives, improve quality of life, and save money. That’s our dream and we’re making it a reality.”

The first National Awareness event is scheduled for January 23rd at the San José Clinic in Houston, Texas.



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