Dispensary of Hope Highlighted in HealthCare Distributor
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Dispensary of Hope Highlighted in HealthCare Distributor

The destruction and devastation inflicted by hurricane's Harvey and Irma were unprecedented. Among the many difficulties faced during these two disasters was the lack of medication access.  During both hurricane events, the Dispensary of Hope reached out to its industry association partners at the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) and the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) to facilitate the requests across the industry.  The response from our manufacturing partners was outstanding. Our partners were quick to help us with many of our medication needs by offering donations above and beyond their current commitments. Their generosity during this time of great need and difficulty was inspiring and provided hope to so many vulnerable patients.  The collective effort to rally in support shows the level of commitment from our partners to provide medication access to the vulnerable.  To learn more about the response from the pharmaceutical industry, read here
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