“Now more than ever” isn’t just a clever slogan for one national non-profit - announcing National Advisory Council Officers
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“Now more than ever” isn’t just a clever slogan for one national non-profit - announcing National Advisory Council Officers


Media inquiries: Matt Blount | matt.blount@dispensaryofhope.org 

Many organizations are echoing the “now more than ever” refrain, but the Dispensary of Hope has been serving the needs of uninsured and low-income Americans for more than ten years. Now that the volume of need has expanded exponentially, the spotlight is brighter. 

“Only a year ago, more than 25 million Americans were uninsured and over half of them were considered low-income. Across the country, these are our neighbors, friends and family members. We can’t simply stand by and allow them to suffer because they can’t afford the medicine that they need to keep them alive or well. That was 2019, now we know that millions more are losing jobs and insurance. We have a solution.” Christopher Palombo, CEO, Dispensary of Hope. 

A major factor in the successful growth and bold vision of the non-profit can be attributed to the National Advisory Council. The Council provides strategic guidance and valuable relationship capital, and is represented by a diverse group of professionals across multiple healthcare industry segments. The annual meeting in October included updates on progress and new officer elections:

Jeff May - Chair 
Head of Market Access and Managed Markets, Viatris

Bob Cunard - Chair Elect 
Operating Partner, Health Edge Investment Partners, The Columbus Organization

Ed Glynn - Vice Chair 1
Chief Health Information Officer, HCA Healthcare Physician Services Group  

Tony Pera - Vice Chair 2 
Retired, former President, Par Pharmaceuticals  

Greg Pope - Vice Chair 3 and Immediate Past Chair 
Chief Mission & Ministry Officer, Ascension Saint Thomas Health

The Dispensary of Hope is currently serving hundreds of thousands of patients in over 34 states and is poised for massive growth to serve more people in need over the next four years. 

"We are deeply appreciative of the leadership of our Council members, to advance the impact of Dispensary of Hope. Today, each has agreed to serve more deeply, bringing their skills and experience to serve the vulnerable." Christopher Palombo, CEO, Dispensary of Hope. 

Greg Pope, who has served the organization for more than a decade, becomes the Immediate Past Chair, Jeff May has agreed to serve as the Chair, Bob Cunard was approved as the Chair Elect, and Ed Glynn and Tony Pera are approved as Vice Chairs.

"I have deep affection and appreciation for the work of this organization. The affinity that I have with the mission of the Dispensary of Hope is both personal and professional. My professional commitment at Viatris to empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life is fully embraced through the Dispensary of Hope. Their distribution and quality control systems are among the best in the industry for both nonprofits and for-profits. The knowledge that we are directly solving a national healthcare crisis and improving patient health is deeply rewarding. Seeing the patient stories about lives being saved and changed helps me see that the work we are doing to provide access to medicines is making a big difference in the lives of people in desperate need." Jeff May, Head of Market Access and Managed Markets, Viatris

“It has been a privilege to serve as Chair for the Dispensary of Hope's National Advisory Committee. I'm encouraged by the progress and momentum of our work. It is a blessing  to serve alongside this organization, its staff and volunteer leaders. I'm confident in our commitment to the mission. Together we've cast a bold vision for growth which will provide significant improvement in access to life-saving and life-changing medicine.” Greg Pope, Chief Mission Officer, Ascension Saint Thomas Health.

ABOUT DISPENSARY OF HOPE - Nashville-based Dispensary of Hope has been actively operating and building a national model of medication access for the most vulnerable for over a decade. This innovative model unifies pharmaceutical manufacturing and safety net healthcare delivery with a common goal of saving and transforming lives. The model is unique in its ability to converge different areas of the healthcare industry to provide access to medication at no cost to the patient, while maintaining the highest quality standards in the medication distribution industry. The collaboration delivers pragmatic results including: improved health outcomes for patients, reduced cost and environmental impact from medication destruction and positive shifts in healthcare cost burden from acute care treatment to health condition management. www.dispensaryofhope.org