Pharmacy in Population Health
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Pharmacy in Population Health

Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Dispensary of Hope,
shares a brief overview of pharmacy's role in population health.


Last week, the Dispensary of Hope hosted its Population Health Summit: "Exploring Population Health Management & the Pharmacist's Role." The summit delved into research and showcased ongoing efforts across the United States to provide medication access to vulnerable populations. With the help of our Keynote Speakers, Austin Weaver, MBA, Principal, Advisory Board Company, and Leigh Ann Ross, PharmD, Associate Dean for Clinical Arts at University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy, we discussed the important role pharmacies can play in impacting population health. During roundtable discussions, guests were able to talk more in-depth about ideas and practices currently in play at their own pharmacy. 

Learn more about how your pharmacy can play a role in Population Health here!


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