The Dispensary of Hope visits East Tennessee
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The Dispensary of Hope visits East Tennessee

Last week, members of the Dispensary of Hope team visited dispensing sites in EastEastTNTennessee. The team had a great opportunity to see sites from three different cities in action, serving the most vulnerable of their communities.

The sites visited were: East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Charitable Pharmacy in Johnson City, University of Tennessee Medical Center Pharmacy in Knoxville, and Morgan County Medical Center in Wartburg.

ETSU Charitable Pharmacy 

The team at ETSU Charitable Pharmacy (Sandra Love, Andrea Erb, Pat Rowen, PharmD., Larry Smith, Silas Tolan) has a deep dedication for their patients. Located in close proximity to the Johnson City Medical Center hospital and Woodbridge Hospital, the clinic is able to help serve patients from these hospitals in addition to the clinic's own patients. The clinic offers a wide range of services including pediatrics, women's health, primary care, dentistry, lab work, and more. The clinic continues to grow every quarter in the number of patients they serve

Pictured left to right: Logan White, Senior Account Manager (Dispensary of Hope), Andrea Erb, PharmD., Pharmacist in Charge, Larry Smith, Pharmacy Technician, Sandra Love, Pharmacy Technician, Pat Rowen, PharmD., Pharmacist, Barin Tayip, Account Manager (Dispensary of Hope).

University of Tennessee Medical Center Pharmacy

At University of Tennessee Medical Center Pharmacy, they aim to serve the hospital's patients and provide access to those who otherwise have nowhere else to turn. Their Case Management department is key to reaching the patients in need and getting those patients qualified for the program. The pharmacy has an efficient process that contributes to their goal to help patients promptly. Despite how busy the pharmacy gets, Troy Rebert, DPh, says the Dispensary of Hope program is "so easy, it doesn't get in the way of our work flow." 

Pictured left to right: Josh Hagar, Account Manager (Dispensary of Hope), Ashlee Hawkins, PharmD., Pharmacist, Troy Rebert, DPh, Outpatient Pharmacy Manager, Logan White, Senior Account Manager (Dispensary of Hope), Barin Tayip, Account Manager (Dispensary of Hope).

Morgan County Medical Center

Morgan County Medical Center, located in a rural area, has a strong presence in their community. Established in 1974 by concerned residents who wanted to provide medical care in the county, the clinic has a passion for providing respectable service for their patients. The clinic offers services from primary care to dentistry to x-rays. The clinic puts a focus on education, such as helping patients learn more about healthy eating initiatives and the benefits of the different medications they are taking. Many of their patients receive 90-day fills due to their stability and compliance with their medication therapies. 

Pictured above: Georgette Howey, Clinical Manager, and Barin Tayip, Account Manager (Dispensary of Hope).

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